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In order to reserve your seat for the CfC St. Moritz, we kindly ask you to to go through our application process. Once we get your information, a detailed screening process by our board is conducted, where the applicants are chosen, who we consider match the profile requirements for participating in the CfC St. Moritz.
Please be aware that tickets for the CfC St. Moritz are not publicly available and for investors, family offices and funds only.

Seat reservation CfC St. Moritz 2021

Seat reservation until 18/10/2020: CHF 3,800, excl. VAT
Seat reservation from 19/10/2020 - 19/01/2021: CHF 4,500, excl. VAT
Seat reservation from 20/01/2021 on: CHF 6,800, excl. VAT

Seat reservation includes:
– CfC St. Moritz private concierge service
– Welcome reception on Wednesday at the Suvretta House
– 2 breakfasts on Thursday and Friday at the Suvretta House
– 2 lunches on Thursday and Friday at the Suvretta House
– Coffee breaks during the conference at the Suvretta House
– Networking "flying-dinner" on Wednesday in an exclusive venue
– "Kitchen connections" on Thursday evening at Badrutt's Palace hotel
– Conference party on Thursday at Badrutt's Palace hotel
– Transfer service during the conference days from the Suvretta House to St. Moritz
– Access to the CfC St. Moritz App

Seat reservation does NOT include:
– Accommodation in St. Moritz
– Travel service to and from St. Moritz

We have preferred rates with hotels in St. Moritz. Our concierge service is happy to support you with accommodation and travel service arrangements. Please contact for more information.


In order to be able to participate at our upcoming CfC St. Moritz 2021 (January 20-22, 2021), please reserve your seat by going through our 2-step application process. Please note that finalizing the application process alone does not guarantee you a seat at the conference. Every application will be carefully screened by our board. We will inform you about our decision via e-mail after the screening process.

Step 1: Submit your contact details:
In order to review your applications, we kindly ask you to submit your personal information below.

By checking the box, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and you confirm that you have read our Data Protection Policy. Please click here to read the T & C's and here to read the DPP.

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Step 2: Submit your Credit Card details:
In order to simplify the payment process, we kindly ask you to enter your CC details in the fields below. Upon completion of your application, we will automatically block the ticket price on your CC for a maximum period of seven days. Once your application has been accepted, we will complete the payment and deduct your ticket price from your CC.
BTC/ETH payment:
We also provide our participants with the option of paying with either BTC or ETH once the application has been approved. As soon as we receive your BTC/ETH payment, we will refund the amount in fiat to your CC.

In case your application to the conference is declined, the blocked amount will be re-leased and no amount will be charged to you.

Seat Reservation

CHF 3.800,00
CHF 0,00
CHF 3.800,00
VAT (7.7%)
CHF 292,60
CHF 0,00
CHF 4.092,60

Payment Details

Please note: if you are currently connected to a restricted network (eg: workplace) it may be necessary to disable any firewall or anti virus programs which could interfere with completing your reservation. If you have done so and still have any problems, please contact us directly at

Thank you!

Thank you for filling out the application for the CfC St. Moritz 2021. We will reach out to you soon with our decision - take care and enjoy your day!