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The Crypto Finance Conference (the “Conference”) is organized by the Crypto Finance Conference AG (the “Event Organizer”). The Event Organizer is not a broker-dealer and is not facilitating any investments in any company attending the Conference or any securities transaction in which any Conference participant (a “Participant”) may be involved, whether as an investor, broker, finder, issuer, seller of securities or otherwise. Compliance with applicable federal and state securities laws in connection with any public or private securities offerings is each Participant’s sole responsibility. By participating in the Conference, a Participant agrees, during or in connection with the Conference, to (a) comply with all applicable federal or state securities laws (b) not engage in any activities that would be illegal or require registration under applicable federal or state securities laws of any Participant, whether as a broker-dealer, securities dealer or otherwise, and (c) not engage in any activities that would (i) require the registration of any Participant’s securities offering under federal or state securities law or (ii) violate the conditions for any exemption from such registration requirement.

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