Program (changes may occur)

  • Wednesday
    Jan. 15, 2020
    • CfC St. Moritz Welcome address
      12:45- 13:00
    • Navigating Cryptocurrencies: From Early Investors to Entrepreneurs
      13:00- 13:35
      Starting out as investors in 2012, Cameron and Tyler become entrepreneurs in 2014, founding Gemini to provide a regulated, easy, and safe way to buy, sell, and store bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Why is it important to build trust to scale and to stay focused on the long game?
    • Innovation in the next decade
      13:35- 14:05
      Inside Samsung: What are the innovation drivers for the next decade?
    • When Worlds Collide: 21 st Century FinTech meets 20 th Century Regulation
      14:05- 14:35
      The late 20 th Century digitization of information through the Internet took place in a regulatory “light” zone, the early 21 st Century digitization of value is taking place in a regulatory “heavy” zone. How can this challenge be approached and what models are in place?
    • Take your first break - get to know each other!
      14:35- 15:05
    • Overview Regulatory and Infrastructure Development - Digital Assets Ecosystem Rising
      15:05- 15:30
      Blockchain and Distributed ledger technology holds the promise of being the future foundation for the financial infrastructure. But how far are we on the road?
    • Tales from the global regulatory frontline
      15:30- 16:10
      Regulation is traditionally sovereign but the industry is digitally global. How are regulators keeping up with the pace of global innovation in the sector?
    • Take a break!
      16:10- 16:40
    • China’s Crypto Awakening: Driving the Future of Blockchain and Digital Asset Innovation for an Inclusive and Sustainable World
      16:40- 17:10
      Recently there has been some major news with China’s digital currency and blockchain strategies announced by President Xi. China’s crypto awakening will driving the future of blockchain and digital asset innovation for the rest of the world. What are the implications for both the finance/crypto world as well as the balance of power between the US/China?
    • Central bank approaches to national digital currencies
      17:10- 17:40
      Pros and Cons of a national digital currency from a central bank perespective. How does a central bank prepare for this and consider the impact on society?
    • The evolution of central banking
      17:40- 18:20
      Examining the purpose and goals of stablecoins and the future relevance and (re-)positioning of central banks. What are the different approaches taken around the world by central banks and why?
    • Take the last break of the day!
      18:20- 18:50
    • Technology pulse - An industry overview of the last and next 12 months
      18:50- 19:20
      The professionalisation of the industry depends on the robustness and scalability of the technology. Are we even close?
    • Technologist Insights with Lightning Labs CEO
      19:20- 19:50
      Understanding the technology driving scalability with one of the industries most important technologists. What will matter most?
    • Young Talent Presentation
      19:50- 20:00
    • Welcome speech in the name of the Canton of Grisons
      20:00- 20:15
    • Welcome drinks @ Suvretta House powered by Bernhard Fragner, CEO GLOBEAIR
      20:15- 20:45
    • Transport to Badrutt's Palace Hotel
      20:45- 21:00
    • Networking Dinner @ Matsuhisa Badrutt's Palace Hotel powered by SEBA
      21:00- 00:00
  • Thursday
    Jan. 16, 2020
    • Good morning Breakfast @ Suvretta House
      07:00- 09:00
    • The current state and future of Cryptofinance
      09:00- 09:30
      Stablecoins, payments, derivatives, trading, decentralized finance and lending are all key investment opportunities for the next phase of digital assets. What is ‘the future’ of crypto-finance and what are the global opportunities over the next few years?
    • The rapid digital (r)evolution of the asset management industry
      09:30- 10:10
      With almost over 80 trillion US-Dollar under management in traditional asset management - how big is the opportunity for digital and crypto assets?
    • Industry challenges - Custody: The state of the industry
      10:10- 10:40
      Dependable custody is a fundamental requirement of the industry- is this solved or still work in progress?
    • Take a break, grab a coffee
      10:40- 11:10
    • DeFi: The Future of Finance is Decentralized
      11:10- 11:25
      Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is one of the most promising Blockchain applications and may change the financial infrastructure. But are projects who claim to be DeFi truly decentralized?
    • DeFi: The hunt is on for DeFi unicorns
      11:25- 12:05
      With anarchists to formers bankers seeking to rebuild a more trusted and inclusive financial services sector - where will the giants in DeFi emerge?
    • The ultimate rollercoaster - Venture investing in crypto companies
      12:05- 12:45
      $4Bn of US-Dollars was invested in crypto companies in 2019 according to Novum Insights. Is investing in crypto companies different from investing in normal companies?
    • Awesome Lunch
      12:45- 14:15
    • A Conversation with SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce
      14:15- 14:45
      Commissioner Peirce will share her views on a number of different topics including regulatory challenges on the international scale and in the US, obstacles regarding mainstream adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and the SECs current agenda on crypto and blockchain.
    • From Baseless to Real, Accretive Value: Maturing the Crypto Asset Class
      14:45- 15:15
      Successful uses of crypto to date, hard truths about the crypto industry. How can we bring crypto into the mainstream economy?
    • Understanding the optimism around Security tokens
      15:15- 15:55
      2019 was not the year of STO - will they surge in 2020 and is the buy-side ready?
    • An intimate fireside-chat with one of Asia's top crypto CEO's
      15:55- 16:25
      Entrepreneurship and investment in crypto currency in Asia from the beginning until today. What are the market dynamics today, the opportunities and challenges?
    • Last coffee break of the day
      16:25- 16:55
    • Tokenisation of securities for financing ventures in Switzerland
      16:55- 17:10
      Traditional sources of venture financing (such as banks, VCs, IPOs) don't do the job anymore - how will tokenisation facilitate growth and foster Switzerland as a true start-up nation?
    • Ecosystem Switzerland from a STO Perspective
      17:10- 17:25
      Opportunities and challenges for asset tokens. Is Switzerland the right place for STOs?
    • The Swiss crypto eco-system - Reinventing a nation
      17:25- 18:05
      With a favorable regulator, Switzerland is seen as the holy land for crypto and blockchain - is it authentic or just pockets of optimism?
    • Challenges of banking in the world of blockchain and crypto
      18:05- 18:45
      Fiat banking is the last bastion of defence against the crypto invaders - which banking model will bridge the worlds of fiat and crypto and emerge triumphant?
    • Get ready for the evening - Enjoy a cigar @ Anton's bar
      18:45- 20:30
    • Transport to Badrutt's Palace Hotel
      20:30- 20:45
    • Kitchen Apéro @ Badrutt's Palace Hotel powered by BITCOIN SUISSE AG and XBTO
      20:45- 21:30
    • Kitchen Connections @ Badrutt's Palace Hotel
      21:30- 23:30
    • CfC St. Moritz Party @ Badrutt's Palace Hotel
      23:30- 05:00
  • Friday
    Jan. 17, 2020
    • Recovery Breakfast @ Suvretta House
      08:00- 10:00
    • Beyond crypto: Betting big for the 2020s'
      10:00- 10:30
      The spread of AI across industries and the integration of European and Asian economies. How are these trends maturing, what parts are likely to be most lucrative, and how can you exposure?
    • The United Nation’s New Cryptocurrency Investment Fund
      10:30- 11:00
      UNICEF has launched a crypto-denominated (eth and btc) investment fund for infrastructure (connectivity) and digital projects globally. What lessons about crypto investment opportunities, asset classification and security, and new national interest has this produced?
    • Next generation impact and assessment
      11:00- 11:40
      Rise of next generation impact and assessment tools being deployed via blockchain in the public and private sector. Will this be a game change for investment insights and investment standards?
    • Take a break, grab a coffee
      11:40- 12:00
    • Speech by Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis, Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA
      12:00- 12:20
    • Investing in Africa from an governmental and institutional point of view
      12:20- 13:00
    • Business and other opportunities for crypto-currencies in Africa
      13:00- 13:20
    • Insight about (crypto and blockchain) investment opportunities and challenges in Africa
      13:20- 13:40
    • Tunisia's approach on how to promote digital payment and digital central bank currency
      13:40- 14:00
    • Closing words
      14:00- 14:10
    • Good-Bye Lunch
      14:15- 16:15