Alexander Panasuk, PMP

Co-Founder, Stablecoin.Foundation

Alexander Panasuk PMP is the Co-Founder of Stablecoin.Foundation; a global professional trade association of Stablecoin issuers and their active stakeholders. Co-Founder of Stable.Report; an independent news resource curating global content on "stable" digital money, virtual cash and cryptocurrencies (aka Stablecoins).

Stablecoin.Foundation - Mission Statement "Stablecoin.Foundation represents the collective interests of Stablecoin issuers seeking to unify the industry with the purpose of promoting the global mass adoption of cryptocurrencies with a stable store of value through collaboration, advocacy, education, research, consumer protections and independent fact-based news using a hybrid centralized / decentralized governance model and framework."

In his capacity at Stablecoin.Foundation, Alex is an advocate and evolving expert seeking every opportunity to forward the Stablecoin.Foundation’s mission. He searches for opportunities to augment the traditional financial system but also supports innovative projects looking to disrupt it on the journey towards a truly global and digital economy.

Alex has 20+ years of financial services experience working at Accenture, Bank of America / Merrill Lynch, and other financial institutions in Canada, USA and Europe. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and was previously a Technology Consultant, Solutions Architect and Software Developer. He is from Montreal, Canada but now lives in Berlin, Germany.