Arthur Hayes

Co-Founder & CEO, BitMEX

Arthur is co-founder and CEO of HDR Global Trading, the company behind the cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, BitMEX.

Arthur Hayes graduated from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. After his studies, he moved to Hong Kong and worked for five years trading equity derivatives for Deutsche Bank and Citigroup as the head ETF market marker at both firms. Following his role at Citigroup, his intellectual curiosity led him to research and subsequently trade Bitcoin. Realising the potential to create sophisticated financial products built on cryptocurrencies, Arthur sought to build a professional cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform.

In 2014, Arthur brought together Ben Delo and Sam Reed, and the trio co-founded HDR Global Trading, the FinTech company behind BitMEX with the vision of creating a fair and effective market. Leading the crypto derivatives space, BitMEX has pioneered new financial products such as the perpetual contract and has handled over $1 trillion in trading volume to date.

Arthur's intuitive ability to recognise patterns and trends has allowed him to pinpoint innovative and efficient opportunities in the cryptospace. Backed by strong financial expertise, his candid tone and clever wit have led to his rise as a prominent personality in the crypto community. Having only joined Twitter in 2018, he has already amassed 66.7K+ followers and 900K+ readers to his Crypto Trader Digest industry newsletter.

Over the years Arthur has donated significantly to the Jackie Robinson Foundation, which gives scholarships to minority youths for higher education. In 2020 the JRF will launch The Arthur Hayes Financial Literacy and Technology Initiative at the Jackie Robinson Museum to provide financial literacy and fintech education to empower those who have not been exposed to the traditional banking and financial services sectors. In line with STEAM and Civic education standards, the Arthur Hayes Initiative will fund technology and curriculum creation for students of all ages.