Carmen Benitez

Founder & CEO, Fetch Blockchain Ltd

Carmen is the Founder & CEO of Fetch Blockchain Ltd (“FBL”) and its Impact Capital division, Fetch Impact Capital (“FIC”) , a global female-founded blockchain and financial services company focused on impact and sustainability standards deliverables through emerging technologies. FBL delivers next generation blockchain powered impact and sustainability measurement tools and platforms aligned with the UN SDGs (Strategic Development Goals) and other data standards to help its customers across governments and public / private sector benefit from sustainable and responsible public policy and business practices, real time impact insights for better investment decisions and capital allocation through transparent and secure systems and processes it develops.

In addition Carmen has over the last twelve years delivered award winning technology that has powered some of the leading telcos, media and real estate companies online publishing reaching millions of readers and generating revenue via hundreds of thousands of businesses across APAC and the US.

FBL’s most recent work includes redrafting the National Public Policy on Blockchain in Government for the Republic of Colombia Office of the President, spearheading the launch of its Project Impact (PI) Funds and Impact Assessment platform to align investments, data and SDG indicators for better insights and reporting through the Special Advisor to the Office of the President, and collaborating with the Office of the Vice President to pilot PI to support 1,000,000 rural women affected by narco trade and domestic violence as well as assist it and the Colombian Coffee Federation with developing a program to support the provenance of coffee production for 10,000 migrant Colombian women coffee workers using blockchain and UN SDG indicators.

She has spoken as an expert on innovation, SDG adoption through emerging technologies at the UN in New York and Geneva, OECD London, BEIS London, WEF / Swiss Federation Group Davos, and is an Expert Advisor on the National Strategic Task Force Committee of UN Women.