Daniel M. Affolter

Co-Founder and Chairman Vrenelium AG, Attorney-at-law

Daniel M. Affolter is a founding member and Chairman of Vrenelium AG. This start-up company brings new and actual solutions to practical problems in the field of the Blockchain technology. Vrenelium plans an ICO in the course of 2018.

Daniel M. Affolter has a broad experience as Attorney, Chairman and member of the board of national and international companies and organisations. He is also Start-up investor since over a decade. His fascination and believe in the possibilities which are presented by technology started in the early 1980, when he was first involved in a big project of a public entity. Since then he has been always active and in the 1990 lecturer on the B2B and B2C possibilities. The range of his activity varies from Ecology (Green Globe Int as a founding and Board member) to Tourism, Duty free, Food Industry, Recruiting and Software (Highsystem AG as founding member and Chairman).

Daniel is an active Private Pilot and Chairman of AOPA Switzerland and Fliegermuseum Altenrhein.