Mable Jiang

Partner, Nirvana Capital

Mable Jiang is a partner at Nirvana Capital is a crypto/fintech-focused venture fund based in Beijing and San Francisco. Since year end 2016, Nirvana Capital started to invest as an institutional fund in infrastructure and scalability solutions, renown ones including Polkadot, Algorand, Zilliqa, IOST, Iris Network, and Loom Network. Nirvana Capital also focused on portfolio that has mass adoption potential, such as Telegram Open Network, MobileCoin, Props project, Foam Space and the popular blockchain Hearthstone, Gods Unchained. Given Nirvana’s investment thesis, Mable has been very keen on understanding the new human behaviors and business models emerged along with the Web3.0 paradigm shift, and invest in the next generation of applications and protocols accordingly. Mable is an active contributor/writer to Blockchain Economic Studio ( and Dapp.Review. She is the co-initiator of the first Harberger Tax experiment in China, named