Maja Vujinovic

CEO, OGroup

Maja Vujinovic started her career in mobile payments and infrastructure development in Sub Saharan Africa and Latin America. In 2011, she took interest in Bitcoin and got involved in distributed ledger technology in 2013. In her past role, as a CIO of Emerging Tech at General Electric, Digital, she was directly responsible for spearheading initiatives in Artificial Intelligence, cyber security, blockchain etc, across all business verticals. Ms. Vujinovic also help start Future of Work Group looking at the effect of emerging technology and digital economy on employees and workforce. Ms. Vujinovic was a catalyst for ideas such as electronic wallet for autonomous machines in GE’s brilliant factory project. She disrupted current business models through concepts of tokenization. Maja currently runs OGroup. OGroup is an investment and consulting firm. She sits on the board of CoinDesk.