Michael Marcovici

Michael Marcovici’s expertise in finance and online business stretches back to 1991, when the Internet still worked without WWW or domains. Back then, he published the Austria Boersenbrief, a financial experts magazine, and was a private equity fund manager.

In the 2000s, Michael established a trading company that grew to eBay's biggest powerseller - worldwide.

Michael became involved with domains in 2002. He started to register valuable domains and grew a sizeable portfolio. Within a few years, the domain venture grew into the Domain Developers Fund (DDF).

Since 2013 Michael is active and investing in cryptocurrencies, he accomplished an ICO in July 2017 with DDF.

Besides being active in digital assets, Michael is a recognized artist, whose contemporary works often on the edge between business and art, have been featured in the Financial Times, WSJ, Vice, The Atlantic, Forbes and RT.