Philippe Bekhazi

Founder & CEO, XBTO Group

Founder and CEO, XBTO Group Philippe Bekhazi leads the XBTO Group, one of the world’s largest and most diversified participants across cryptofinance. XBTO is active in market-making, OTC trading, venture capital, mining, and other areas related to digital assets. Founded in 2015, XBTO was the first large-scale liquidity provider on digital asset trading platforms. XBTO is sponsored by Derivee Capital, which Philippe founded in 2009 to incubate ventures in financial technology and other growth industries. Previously, Philippe created trading, portfolio management, and risk management solutions for clients trading equities, FX, rates, and credit instruments. He worked for leading companies, including Calypso Technology and Citibank. Philippe also spent four years at SAC Capital Advisors, where he helped build the global macro desk. Philippe has Bachelor of Science degrees in Finance and Communications from Syracuse University, where he graduated with Honors.