Toni Lane Casserly

Co-Founder, CULTU.RE

Toni Lane is an artrepreneur in the Digital Currency and Blockchain Industry who co-founded CULTU.RE, which provides functional models for self-sovereignty through nations of agreements. She is an empath, investor, artist, advisory board member, transformational evangelist and founder who has beenaffectionately entitled “The Joan of Arc of Blockchain” by her peers and various publications.

Miss Lane serves, or has served as an advisor to several notable companies, funds and family offices, including, but not limited to: SingularityU, Polymath Network, Factom, The United Nations, Propy, HSBC, Cicso, P&G, Institute for the Future and St. Gallen Symposium. Miss Lane is grateful to have been given the opportunity to be of service toward these accomplishments, and retains the perspective that every idea of who a person "is" appears irrelevant in the face of time. True unconditional love and friendship; what matters.