Virginie Clément

Managing Director

Having successfully worked for various aircraft manufactures such as Gulfstream, Hawker and Beechcraft, Virginie Clément is Founder and CEO of STM Aircraft where she uses her expertise to serve the customer best. With over a decade of experience in the business aviation industry, she has developed strong skills to understand exactly what her clients needs are and then formulate strategy accordingly. She now puts her "know-how" to use by serving the customer and leading him or her to first select the best opportunities in this fast changing environment all the way through the implementation. With a global mind-set, Virginie works with worldwide business owners and CEO’s. As an entrepreneur Virginie has a passion for business effectiveness, strategy and development. Thus she has developed the STM Smart Flying System, a formula to support her clients in all aspects of flying. This gives them one of the most useful tools to allow their vision to come true. Virginie has developed STM Aircraft with an unequivocal commitment to her clients backed by key values:

Independence and Integrity - as an independent specialist, the company is free of interests allowing her to solely work 100% in the interest of her clients; Partnership - Virginie builds a true partnership with her clients, supporting them through not only one piece of the business aviation process but through the entire experience; Thinking out of the box - the company’s team is dedicated to finding the best solution for its clients, bringing in new ideas and innovative concepts.