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June 17, 2021 - CfC St. Moritz Virtual Day

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Welcome to CfC St. Moritz – the circle of digital assets and blockchain leaders, where lasting contacts are made and real business deals are concluded.

The CfC St. Moritz attracts over 200 carefully selected international investors, family offices, funds and decision makers in the most private and unique setting in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

For three days, opinion leaders and high-ranking representatives from governmental and supranational bodies, the private sector, academia and decentralized organizations exchange their knowledge of digital assets, blockchain and traditional finance. As a part of a well-structured program, industry leaders have the opportunity to talk about trends, regulatory changes and new business developments.

Why join the CfC St. Moritz?

The CfC St. Moritz is for sophisticated private and institutional investors and leading executives who are actively involved in, or seeking to learn more about, the digital assets and blockchain industry.

  • Private Investors
    • Learn first-hand about attractive investment and business opportunities in the digital asset and blockchain space
    • Grow your personal network of like-minded leaders and experts in both the traditional and crypto world
    • Stay on the pulse of general trends, new players and regulatory changes
  • Family Offices and Funds
    • Seek interesting investment opportunities which are in-line with your customer’s objectives
    • Learn more about the sentiments and strategies of other investors
    • Acquire expert knowledge and investment sophistication in the digital asset and blockchain field
  • Institutional Investors
    • Identify the latest market trends and investor sentiments
    • Gain clarity on regulatory topics and institutional requirements
    • Exchange with other business leaders and establish strategic partnerships

About the audience

  • 50+ Speakers

    Opinion Leaders & Decision Makers
  • 200 Investors

    Decision Makers, Entrepreneurs & Leading Executives
  • Average Individual Net Worth

CfC St. Moritz Virtual Day, 17 June 2021

The 3 main objectives of the CfC St. Moritz conference are:

  1. Personal knowledge transfer from industry expert(s) to CfC St. Moritz investors
  2. Opportunity to connect to a unique network
  3. Enjoy the time in Engadin and the company with other participants

Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 situation is not allowing us to hold a physical conference and thus not being able to attain goal no. 3. Nevertheless, we will be hosting the CfC St. Moritz Virtual Day, a one-day virtual format covering the most recent and relevant topics of the industry to achieve goals no. 1 and 2. This allows our CfC St. Moritz investors’ network and the industry experts to receive and exchange the most relevant information and stay connected with each other in these challenging times. There will be a public and private part of the CfC St. Moritz Virtual Day. To be able to join the private part, you will have to apply for a payable virtual seat.

Please apply below, to be part of the private part of the CfC St. Moritz Virtual Day.


You will have the opportunity ask questions to our industry experts during the CfC St. Moritz Virtual Day.


During the CfC St. Moritz Virtual Day, we will be covering Macro-topics as CBDCs, Technology-Developments and Regulation. We will further be discussing various Micro-topics, such as institutional adaoption of crypto or investment strategies from asset managers and VC's as well as have a deep-dive in topics like NFT, ESG investing, DeFi and the daily-live implementation/implication of the technology.


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